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archelios™ PRO : Import of a 3D Sunny Design PV project into archelios™ PRO

About this event

Trace Software offers a special webinar presentation on the interconnection between SMA's Sunny Design planning tool and the PV archelios™ PRO application.

With the PV archelios™ PRO application, you can size any type of PV project: from rooftop projects to large solar power plants. The software now allows you to import a 3D project designed by Sunny Design.

Thanks to this collaboration between SMA and Trace Software, the design of photovoltaic installations becomes easier and more efficient.

In this webinar you will discover how to import a project from Sunny Design and continue the complete study of the installation with archelios™ PRO

  • Exporting a 3D project from Sunny Design
  • Import the project into archelios™ PRO
  • Validation of the modules/inverters and wiring of the strings
  • Synchronisation with SketchUp, cable routing and customisation of the 3D environment
  • Production calculation
  • Self-consumption and consumption profiles
  • Economic study of the project
  • Sizing report and deliverables

Duration : around 45 minutes

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    Trace Software International

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    Ricardo Martín

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