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archelios™ Suite: managing a complete photovoltaic project

About this event

archelios™ Suite helps you design the entirety of a photovoltaic installation project from the feasibility study, bankability, 3D design, to the compliance and calculation notes, with the utmost precision.

For self-consumption projects, archelios™ Suite is capable to offer a detailed electrical analysis for the self-consumption operating mode, and also the optimal design and sizing conditions.

Several themes will be covered this year

  • Designing a photovoltaic installation for a residential building - 13/06/2023
  • Designing a photovoltaic installation for an industrial building - 26/09/2023
  • Designing a photovoltaic installation with SketchUp - 21/11/2023
  • Sizing a photovoltaic installation and verifying its compliance with standards with archelios™ CALC - 30/11/2023

In the webinars program

• 3D design with integrated 3D system or SketchUp

• Updated meteorological stations

• Automatic and custom group creation

• Production calculation

• Automatic calculation of horizon masks

• Self-consumption projects

• Bankable economic analysis

• Detailed synoptic of the installation

• Real-time calculation IEC 60364

• Multi-manufacturer catalogs integrated

• Visual signalization, graphical indicators of compliance

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    Ricardo Martín

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