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elec calc™: Sizing High Voltage and Low Voltage electrical projects

About this event

elec calc™ is a software package that enables the calculation of high and low voltage electrical installations in real-time, complying with various international standards.

Its graphical interface, very user-friendly, has been designed specifically to handle easily and quickly any type of installation while helping the user to understand the effects of different parameters on the installation sizing.

Several themes will be covered this year

  • Sizing and calculating an electrical installation for a tertiary building - 16/05/2023 and 05/12/2023
  • Sizing and calculating an electrical installation for an industrial building - 04/07/2023
  •  Sizing and simulating installations with several power supplies with elec calc™ GRID - 31/10/2023

In the webinars you will see:

  • HV/LV calculations by the method of symmetrical components
  • Project development with Intellisense function
  • Sizing with several types of sources supplies
  • Different earthing systems (TT, TNS, TNC, IT)
  • Simulation according to different operating modes (normal, emergency)
  • Power Balance on each source or distributor
  • Sizing of wiring systems
  • Discrimination and Cascading between protections
  • Material selection (MCCB, MCB, ACB) and cables from a wide catalog of manufacturers included
  • International standards included
  • Export to Excel, DWG, and PDF
  • Arc Flash analysis
  • BIM extension

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