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Leveraging Transifex Native SDK architecture

About this event

Leveraging Transifex Native SDK architecture: Enable developers to build SDK code on many frameworks

Attend this webinar and hear about the SDK code blueprint that we created to enable the open-source community to build Transifex Native SDKs on other languages. We will discuss how architecture benefits and core functionalities are highlighted through the SDK code blueprint, share our thought process and get questions from you, but also present a usage scenario for JavaScript.

Transifex Native is an end-to-end, fully cloud-based localization stack that embeds directly in the code making localization a seamless part of the development lifecycle. One of the main components of Native is the SDK.


  • Why an SDK specification is needed
  • Architecture and Core Functions
  • SDK Specification Highlights
  • JavaScript Case Study
  • JavaScript implementation Highlights
  • What's Next
  • Q&A


  • Developers
  • CTOs
  • Open Source Engineers
  • Localization Managers
  • Product Managers

To learn more about Transifex Native, visit: transifex.com/native/

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  • Team member
    Konstantinos Bairaktaris Senior developer @ Transifex

  • Team member
    Mike Giannakopoulos Senior Product Manager @ Transifex


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