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Localization Strategy & Workflow Hacks

About this event

How Quora Built an Effective Localization Strategy and Optimized Workflows

In this live webinar, we are going to talk about localization strategy. To start, let’s define it. Localization strategy is the unique market approach of a company to meet purchasing habits, customer needs, and overall cultural differences in each country it operates in.

Adopting a country-by-country localization strategy ensures better communication of business values and a high level of profitability. Quora is a great example of how localization strategy can enhance the entire organisation’s ROI.

Learn How to Localize Faster

Recently, we interviewed some of our customers to learn more about their localization processes and the actions they have been taking to improve their workflows during the last few years. The research revealed results such as:

  • 72% follow the “once fully ready” workflow, in which content made available to the end-user once it is fully translated and reviewed by the localization team.
  • 54% of the companies shared the intention to move to a “localization from design” workflow

During this webinar, Isadora Fernandes, Programm Manager for i18n & I10n at Quora, will introduce attendees to smart tips and tactics that contributed heavily to Quora’s expansion to non-english speaking audiences and markets.

What to expect from this Free Webinar

Exploring Localization Strategy & Workflows
  • What Are The Key Points Of A Successful Localization Strategy (ROI Stats from 11 actual cases)
  • How to Automate Your Localization Workflows
How Quora and Other Top Companies Approach Localization Strategy & Workflows
  • Research Pillars (Industries, Job Titles, ROI Statistics, Conclusions)
  • 3 Most Effective Localization workflows
  • How Quora's Localization Strategy Accelerated Their Global Expansion
Localization Strategy and Workflows Trends to watch in the next 2 years

Join our free webinar, and get a holistic view of how Quora and the biggest companies streamline their localization workflow.

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    Mike Giannakopoulos Senior Product Manager @ Transifex

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    Isadora Fernandes Program Manager for i18n & l10n @ Quora


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