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Translation Memory from A to Z

About this event

Automate Localization, Cut Translation Costs And Improve Quality

Translation Memory is a robust tool that can help you localize faster and cheaper by automatically translating some words. In this live webinar, we will be explaining everything you need to know about TM and how you can use it to your advantage!

Keep in mind that we are not talking about Google Translate here. While you can call TM an automation tool, it has nothing to do with machine translation. Take a closer look.

What to Expect from this Free Webinar

All You Need to Know about TM

  • Everything that TM offers (Fill-ups, suggestions, context, leverage, management, quality assurance, and groups)
  • How TM works
  • How TM differs from Machine Translation (MT)
  • Latest releases
  • Plans for the future

How You Can Use TM To your Advantage

  • Cut down on localization costs
  • Make translations faster and easier for everyone
  • Automate translations that have already been completed in the past

Localize Faster Without Sacrificing Quality

Translation Memory’s primary purpose is to automate translations and localization as much as possible. But this is done by using the translators’ input – not by AI or anything similar.

In simple terms, TM is a tool that stores all of your translations, be it for words or phrases, then automatically looks for similar phrases in the source language. If a phrase is 100% identical to another one that you’ve already translated, then Translation Memory is going to automatically fill up that translation for you.

But as you’ve probably already guessed, you can’t just translate similar phrases in the same way. A single word can have multiple meanings, depending on the context. Thankfully, TM takes that into account as well; just like a real human would.

So, by using TM, you can localize faster, cheaper, and more efficiently, without sacrificing quality! To be more precise:

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