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The Treasury Dragons vs Fraud Prevention 2024

About this event

Sixty-five percent of corporations were victims of either attempted or actual fraud activity, according to the most recent date from the AFP and JP Morgan. With the rise of deepfakes and AI, it's becoming more difficult than ever to be certain of who is requesting payments.

Fortunately, technology solutions to help corporate treasurers combat fraud are becoming more accessible and more sophisticated.

​This Treasury Dragons online session sees the best-of-breed solutions for combating fraud each given seven minutes to highlight what their platform can do.

It's the latest in a series of online debates in which treasury technology firms present their solutions to our ‘Dragons’ – and to you.

In short, sharp presentations, you will see the highlights of each treasury-enhancing system on offer – and then the solution providers will face some challenging questioning from our panel of treasury tough nuts.

​It's the fastest way to get up to speed on what's really on offer.​

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  • Team member
    Mike Hewitt Moderator @ Treasury Dragons

    How do you decide what’s the best treasury technology solution for you? To answer that question, we’ve assembled a panel of experienced corporate treasurers and technology experts – the Treasury Dragons – to ask the right questions on your behalf.

  • Guest speaker
    Mickaela Cohen US Business Manager @ Trustpair

    Mickaela Cohen is a Fraud Prevention Specialist at Trustpair, the leading platform for fraud prevention worldwide. She supports large corporations in reshaping their P2P processes and securing international account validation. Trustpair now counts more than 100 employees and offices in Paris and NYC, and raised 25M€ to expand in the US and continue its focus on R&D.

  • Guest speaker
    Andy Gifford Dragon @ Treasury Dragons

    Andy runs Falcor Business Consulting working in the SME sector, assisting start-ups & providing management advice. Previously, he was Vice President at Level 3, having treasury operations as his primary mandate, with additional responsibility for special projects, including procurement, shared services & real estate.

  • Guest speaker
    Royston Da Costa Dragon @ Treasury Dragons

    Royston Da Costa is Assistant Group Treasurer at Ferguson PLC, with over 28 years experience working in treasury. He joined Wolseley, now Ferguson Group, in April 2002, and is responsible for managing the large, international group’s daily debt and cash requirements.

  • Guest speaker
    David Kelin Managing Director @ Treasury Dragons

    David runs DNA Treasury, with over 35 years of experience in treasury. He specialises in providing advice to corporates and banks on both cash and treasury management.

  • Guest speaker
    Nithai Barzam President & COO @ nsKnox

    Nithai is a seasoned executive with over three decades of proven management, international business development, and operational experience in both private and public companies. Before joining nsKnox he served as the CEO of Muvix Media Networks and AGT International.

Treasury Dragons

Technology on trial

We’ve assembled a panel of experienced corporate treasurers and technology experts – the Treasury Dragons – to ask technology vendors the right questions on your behalf.