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Agile Transformation: How to upgrade your eCommerce platform

About this event

Join us for an insights-packed webinar on how to future-proof your eCommerce business, better engage with your customers, and increase your yearly revenue, leveraging the right ecosystem of tools and technologies.

Discover how to stay ahead of the curve and become successfully scalable by replacing outdated traditional systems, cutting down on high maintenance costs and adapting to the ever-changing customer behaviour and trends, and the emergence of new competitors.

Our special guests from Essentra, leading global manufacturer and distributor of vital component parts serving millions of customers across the globe, will reveal more about the company's Agile Transformation journey with Tremend, their digital transformation partner in delivering innovation.

Tune in to find out how Essentra dramatically improved its eCommerce platform’s performance and business growth by leveraging the latest technologies and a continuous deployment flow.

Register now to our webinar and discover:

  • Best practices in eCommerce
  • Why holding on to your legacy eCommerce platform will cost you more on the long run
  • How to make Microsoft technologies work for your business
  • Find out practical ideas on how to transform your site from a plain-featured platform into multiple languages global marketplace
  • How you can scale up your platform and processes using a proven Agile-powered system
  • How to build a scalable microservices based architecture on Microsoft services
  • Uncover the results of good integration: better SEO rankings and more traffic
  • Key success factors to select and work with a development partner and a remote team

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Cristian Fagarasan Program Manager @ Tremend

  • Guest speaker
    Ioana Radulescu Head of Project Management @ Tremend

  • Guest speaker
    Basheer Shahul Chief Architect @ Essentra

  • Guest speaker
    Petrica Martinescu Solution Architect @ Tremend

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