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TrichoLAB ON HAIR invites you to their event

Prof. Antonella Tosti & Dr. Yazid Bourezane on "Hair in time of COVID-19"

About this event

TrichoLAB ON HAIR with Prof. Antonella Tosti & Dr. Yazid Bourezane. FREE ACCESS

Topic: "Hair in time of COVID-19"

The changing situation requires ability to adapt, both on patients' and doctors' side. This webinar TrichoLAB ON HAIR is dedicated to patients suffering from hair loss in the COVID-19 era. This time, again, two world-famous experts will share with you their work experiences during the pandemic. Additionally, you will learn how to use the latest technologies in everyday practice, also in telemedicine.

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  • Guest speaker
    Antonella Tosti

  • Guest speaker
    Yazid Bourezane


Every hair counts.

TrichoLAB is the leading brand in the field of hair and scalp analysis using trichoscopy. It is the partner hair lab of FotoFinder Systems GmbH, the global epit...