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TrichoLAB ON HAIR invites you to their event

Prof. Maria Fernanda Gavazzoni & Prof. Yuliya Ovcharenko on "Psychotrichology - all about the patient"

About this event

TrichoLAB ON HAIR with Prof. Maria Fernanda Gavazzoni & Prof. Yuliya Ovcharenko. FREE ACCESS

Topic: "Psychotrichology - all about the patient"

When discussing hair loss diagnostics and hair loss treatment, of course it is crucial to always think about the patient. This TrichoLAB ON HAIR webinar is fully devoted to the psychological context of hair loss. Once again, world-famous experts will share their knowledge and experience on psychodermatoses and the psychology of hair loss. Additionally, you will learn how modern technology helps to gain the patients' trust and compliance.

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  • Guest speaker
    Yuliya Ovcharenko

  • Guest speaker
    Maria Fernanda Gavazzoni Dias


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TrichoLAB is the leading brand in the field of hair and scalp analysis using trichoscopy. It is the partner hair lab of FotoFinder Systems GmbH, the global epit...