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How to use Tridify's Floor lighting tool - webinar 4

About this webinar

Thank you for downloading the Tridify BIM Tools from the Asset Store - This short webinar is all about how to maximise Tridify's FLOOR LIGHTING TOOL feature in Unity.

Hopefully you've also opened a Tridify Convert account & trialled taking your 3D BIM model into Unity - don't worry if not, as you can set up a free account easily after this by clicking this link, but please note that you'll need to do this before you can use our BIM Tools effectively.

In this session, you'll learn how to automate lighting in your scene using Tridify's lighting tool; we'll look at basic functionalities, basic workflow and light generation troubleshooting​.

If for some reason you can't make this webinar, or it becomes fully booked, please check out our other webinar slots here...



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    Sonja Eskman

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    Max Laurila Content Developer @ Tridify Limited

    Unity Developer with 3D modelling background. +4 years working with Unity and Ifc/BIM


Automation at your fingertips

Tridify Convert is a virtualisation cloud service that delivers automated end-to-end workflow for Unity developers, architects, visualisers and BIM modellers.

By taking your 3D BIM & CAD models to Unity via Tridify Convert you get automated features; lighting, materials, colliders and BIM data.