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BrightCourse & HopeSync invites you to their event

HopeSync Walkthrough & Basic Training

About this event

This webinar answers your questions surrounding HopeSync including:

  1. Why use HopeSynce with our at-risk clients?
  2. How can our center use HopeSync?
  3. What will it look like in the session?

If you are new to HopeSync this is the right webinar for you.

HopeSync provides instantaneous access to documented text and videos covering a wide variety of client concerns. Play just the right video with in the clinic or text it to the client’s phone so she can watch it at home.

This webinar will introduce you to HopeSync, give simple training and uses, and show you how to connect your donors in a way that brings them in as prayer partners for your day to day operations.

Hosted by

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    Kimberley Hash