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Firebase for your OutSystems mobile app

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Firebase for your OutSystems mobile app

You have probably heard about Firebase already, but do you know what you can do with it?

Firebase (a Backend-as-a-Service) - is an app-development platform based on Google’s infrastructure, that lets you build apps in a better and faster way since it works as a server, API and datastore, all in one platform.

Using Firebase on your OutSystems’ Mobile Apps will let you know your users, what they are doing and how much time they spend on the app. This information enables you to make better decisions and expand your user base while keeping users happy.

Firebase gives you:

  • Analytics
  • Crash reporting
  • Push notifications
  • Performance monitoring
  • Cloud messaging
  • Remote configuration
  • Dynamic Links

Wondering how you can integrate your OutSystems’ Mobile App with Firebase? We built "Firebase Mobile component" and published it in OutSystems’ Forge.

As key speakers we will have David Sousa (Solutions Developer Specialist at Truewind) and Pedro Oliveira (Director Demo Team at OutSystems). Get to know them!

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    Sonia Isidoro Marketing Manager @ Truewind

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    Pedro Oliveira OutSystems

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    David Sousa Truewind


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