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Lunch and Learn - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VMware

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Virtual Desktops with VMware Horizon

In the modern world of remote and flexible working, IT needs to be able to make them available to everyone, on any device, while still ensuring security.

VDI, or virtual desktop infrastructure, is appropriate when you need remote workers to access multiple applications typically on their work computers. VDI delivers virtualised desktops, including the operating system, apps, and their documents – to remote devices with the same experience as a PC at the office. Workloads are processed at the on-premises virtualised server instead of your employees’ laptop, tablet or smartphone so your workers don’t experience lags and your data stays secure.

Learn in this webinar how VMware can help you solve device issues by virtualising desktops and applications for greater choice and flexibility.


12:30 – Introductions and welcome – Phil Cambers, TruStack Commercial Director

12:40 – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VMware Horizon – Paul Whyton, VMware UKI Manager for EUC Solutions Engineering

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – What is it and how can it help my business?
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for the Agile Workforce - How your team can work seamlessly from anywhere

Cloud management plane for smart session redirection

Published applications across all devices

Persistent user profile across desktops

Session collaboration

  • Thoughts and considerations when moving to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

1:20 pm - Customer Testimonial - Jordan Bond, Group Head of IT - Ventur (Formerly Traveleads)

1:25 pm – Questions - Paul Whyton, VMware and Ian Sanderson, TruStack

1:30 pm – Close

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