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Procurement & IA: Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast!

About this event

Procurement functions have transformed over the past decade.

Faced with new risks - from geopolitical tensions and reputation scandals to cyber threats - Procurement teams have to adapt. In a first place, AI and technological advancements appear as a solution to a need for efficiency, security and performance.

What about you, have you taken the technological train? And are you confident in this new Procurement era?

To get a clearer picture, join procurement leaders and experts from Trustpair and Deloitte for an insightful 30’ webinar exploring the critical trends and innovations reshaping the procurement landscape.

Key session takeaways:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and innovations in procurement.
  • Learn from industry leaders about the strategic impact of AI and automation.
  • Get actionable insights and practical advice on how to navigate the evolving procurement landscape.

Join us and delve into the real-world impact of AI and automated technologies on procurement processes, the emerging risks and opportunities, and the new role of procurement professionals.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Brent Griffith Digital Procurement Leader @ Deloitte

  • Guest speaker
    Mike Deng Senior Manager - Supply Chain and Network Operation @ Deloitte

  • Guest speaker
    Baptiste Collot CEO - Founder @ Trustpair USA Inc.

    Baptiste is the Co-founder and CEO of Trustpair. His previous experiences in finance teams of large corporations led him to create Trustpair in 2017. This leading platform for fraud prevention worldwide has since then raised 25M€ to expand in the US and continue its focus on R&D. Trustpair now counts more than 100 employees and offices in Paris and NYC.

  • Team member
    Clémentine Le Mière Senior Content Marketer @ Clementine


Trustpair is the leading payment fraud prevention platform for large companies worldwide.

Since 2017, Trustpair helps finance teams secure their entire P2P process, thanks to account validation automation. The solution offers intuitive risk management and integrates directly with existing tools for more efficiency.