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Securing the Source-to-Pay Cycle to Prevent Payment Fraud

About this event

Payment Fraud is a growing threat for US companies. It can result in significant financial loss as well as reputational damage. In 2022, 56% of US companies were targeted by at least one fraud attempt, and 43% suffered multiple attacks. On a more global scale, fraud-related financial losses are estimated at $40 billion between 2018 and 2020.

During this webinar session, Trustpair and Ivalua experts will present the latest trends and insights regarding payment fraud, and share best practices to prevent it within your organization effectively.

The webinar program includes:

  • An overview of Payment Fraud and its Impact on Your Company
  • Understanding why the Source-to-Pay Process is Vulnerable and how to Secure It
  • Discovering the right tools to Set Up Vendor Account Validation throughout the S2P
  • Best Practices to Fight Fraud in a Complex Environment

This informative and interactive webinar will give you an in-depth overview of best practices in vendor account validation, from supplier invoice collection to payment. Get key takeaways on how to implement robust controls and prevent fraud throughout the Source-to-Pay cycle.

Join us on Tuesday, November 7th at 11:00 am (EST)!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Jarrod McAdoo Director of Product Marketing @ IVALUA

  • Team member
    Clémentine Le Mière Senior Content Marketer @ Clementine

  • Guest speaker
    Baptiste Collot CEO - Founder @ Trustpair USA Inc.


Trustpair is the leading payment fraud prevention platform for large companies worldwide.

Since 2017, Trustpair helps finance teams secure their entire P2P process, thanks to account validation automation. The solution offers intuitive risk management and integrates directly with existing tools for more efficiency.