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Approaches to simulate battery behavior and aging in different contexts

About this event

Batteries are used in various applications with significantly different requirements and many diverse environmental conditions. Predicting batteries of different cell chemistries and formats will behave when impacted by these parameters is challenging. Hence, different approaches battery simulation models exist. In this webinar, we will shed some light on the different approaches (physio-chemical models, semi-empirical, etc.), their application areas, advantages and disadvantages.

Questions that will be discussed are:

  • Which battery model is the right one for each application?
  • Why does TWAICE chose certain battery models over others?
  • How can field data be incorporated into models?
  • What are differences compared to BMS parameters and values?


Hosted by

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    Lennart Hinrichs VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships @ TWAICE


Predictive Battery Analytics

TWAICE provides predictive analytics software for more efficient and sustainable development and operation of batteries along the entire battery lifecycle.