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TWAICE invites you to their event

Guaranteed performance or your money back!

About this event

Reliable battery insights help OEMs & fleet operators to operate their buses and trucks with less downtime and increased reliability and at the same time driving down TCOs and operational costs. These insights help finding better answers to business critical questions that can have costly consequences when not answered with the right information:

  • How do I scoop out the maximum range of the bus – without any risks of reliability? How does this change in summer or winter?
  • How can I reduce the number of costly battery performance check-ups?
  • When is the best time to swap the battery in my bus and how can I increase the residual value of my battery?

A reliable SOH is often the key and most crucial KPI to provide better answers to these question.

Therefore, we decided to guarantee the performance of the TWAICE SOH estimation. In case the TWAICE SOH is off by more than 2%, you are indemnified with 8 times what you paid to TWAICE.

In this webinar by TWAICE and Munich Re, we are delighted to explain how this powerful feature improves your operations and decisions.


  • Susana Latorre, Munich Re, Insure AI, Market Lead EMEA
  • Sebastian Becker, TWAICE, Manager Strategic Partnerships


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    Lennart Hinrichs VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships @ TWAICE

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    Markus Gremmelmaier Senior Product Manager @ TWAICE Technologies GmbH

    Building SaaS products in the electric fleet space. TWAICE insights help users to squeeze as much value out of batteries as possible, streamline processes, and reduce operational risks.

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    Sebastian Becker Strategic Partnership Manager @ TWAICE

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    Jonas Boehm Manager Strategic Partnerships @ TWAICE


Predictive Battery Analytics

TWAICE provides predictive analytics software for more efficient and sustainable development and operation of batteries along the entire battery lifecycle.