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Optimizing eBus Battery Health with Data  

About this event

The battery can be up to 50% of the cost of an electric vehicle. Keeping it healthy means you are protecting your investment. With the electric vehicle market rapidly growing, understanding how to increase battery health and slow battery degradation is becoming increasingly important.

ChargePoint and TWAICE are partnering on the webinar that will cover the following topics and others:

• What battery degradation is and how it happens

• Why data-rich insights into the battery state of health are vital for an efficient operation

• Easy-to-use tips for slowing down battery degradation


Hosted by

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    Andi Piftor

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    Alex Guidry ChargePoint

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    Lennart Hinrichs VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships @ TWAICE


Predictive Battery Analytics

TWAICE provides predictive analytics software for more efficient and sustainable development and operation of batteries along the entire battery lifecycle.