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Retirement their way – why today’s retirement cohort isn’t prescribing to the norm

About this event

Join us as we discuss the findings of our Great Retirement research. Our qualitative and quantitative deep dive into 55-75 year olds aimed to address the huge commercial opportunity of those approaching retirement, as well as those newly retired.

During the webinar we will showcase our key findings, and the segments that surfaced from the research - six diverse pen portraits from this complex cohort. The webinar will aim to tap into the attitudes driving decisions of the 'at retirement age' cohort.

We will be bringing these segments to life with a demonstration of our interactive, real-time dashboard, which can be used to view the behaviours of each segment – displaying their brand, media and influencer affinity. Critically we can also show you where these individuals are based in the UK.

Leverage these unique and comprehensive insights to refine your Consumer Duty target market and enhance your engagement and experience strategies for the new generation of retirees.

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    Rebecca Ironside

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    Alison Malton

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    James Lamburn Commercial Director @ Starcount

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