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Ask an Expert: Growing Carnivorous Plants at Home (Online Q&A)

About this event

Carnivorous plants are fascinating flora, but can be challenging to grow at home. Join Zach for this online Q&A to learn a variety of tips and tricks to care for carnivorous plants. Bring your questions and your curiosity!

Intended Audience: All Levels: Suitable for all learners, this program will provide a variety of content. Program providers will answer both introductory and more advanced questions.

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Grace Anderson Education Specialist - Science Educator @ United States Botanic Garden

  • Guest speaker
    ZL G
    Zack Leibovitch Gardener @ U.S. Botanic Garden

    Zack is a Gardener in the Collections team at the USBG. At the Garden, Zack maintains our diverse collection of carnivorous plants. At home, Zack is an avid plant enthusiast growing over 200 plants at home including orchids, aroids and carnivorous plants.

  • Team member
    Elizabeth Barton (she/her) Volunteer Coordinator & Education Specialist @ U.S. Botanic Garden

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    MH G
    Maggie HIS Sign

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    KH G
    Kathryn HIS Sign LLC

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