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Horticulture, History, and Immigrants: Systems Altering this Land

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Join Wambui for this online lecture as she shares how immigrant waves have radically altered America's landscapes. True environmental stewardship in the Anthropocene will occur when horticulturists, architects, and gardeners view themselves, their work, and their plants as migrants moving across the space and time of the evolving American landscape.

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    WI G
    Wambui Ippolito

    Wambui Ippolito is a horticulturist & landscape designer. She focuses on the broader context of horticulture and the intersections between migration, design, history, culture and science. She founded the BIPOC Hort Group, a multicultural professional organization with global membership.

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    Libby Rhoads Public Programs Supervisor @ U.S. Botanic Garden

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