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Korean Kimchis and Pickles with Magpie and the Tiger: Local Chef Series (Online Cooking Demo)

About this event

In our local chef series, we explore recipes from here at home to around the world and the plants that bring these recipes to life. Join Chefs Caleb and Roren for this special edition highlighting Asian American and Pacific Island (AAPI) Heritage Month to see a demonstration of quick kimchis and pickles that are integral to Korean-American cuisine. Join us to discover dishes and cuisines that celebrate how plants shape our food and culture.

Intended Audience: Adult All Levels: Suitable for all learners, this program will provide a variety of content. Program providers will answer both introductory and more advanced questions.

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  • Team member
    Emily Hestness (she/her) Education Specialist - Urban Agriculture @ U.S. Botanic Garden

  • Guest speaker
    RC G
    Roren Choi Magpie & the Tiger

  • Team member
    Elizabeth Barton (she/her) Volunteer Coordinator & Education Specialist @ U.S. Botanic Garden

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