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Chemicals, Electronics, and Circularity – Drivers for Decision Making

About this event

Presented by American Chemistry Council: Learn more about how different regions are addressing the challenges related to the recycling of electronics, and efforts to improve end-of-life recycling of materials containing chemistries that contribute to the safety and performance of products.

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  • Guest speaker
    JI G
    Jay Illingworth Harmonization Director @ Electronic Products Recycling Association

  • Guest speaker
    LT G
    Lein Tange Director of Sustainability @ ICL Industrial Products

  • Guest speaker
    BG G
    Ben Gann

  • Guest speaker
    CS G
    Chris Slijkhuis Recycling Consultant @ MGG-Polymers

  • Team member
    KS T
    Karly Schieder


UL, LLC is a global safety certification company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois.