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New Biodegradable Ingredients to Boost Naturality of Your Shampoo and Hair Styling Formulations

About this event

Presented by Dow – Personal Care: Discover our 2 new highly effective ingredients easy to process cold or hot. Find out how they compare to Cationic Guar and PVP, be inspired by prototypes ideas and check performance testing results.

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  • Guest speaker
    ML G
    Marie-Melanie Levecq Marcom @ Dow

  • Guest speaker
    AM G
    Alessandra Marelli

  • Guest speaker
    CC G
    Charlene Courtet

  • Guest speaker
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    Stefanie Hoffmann

  • Team member
    AP T
    Abbie Piero DMC @ UL

UL Solutions

UL, LLC is a global safety certification company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois.