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Sustainable Non-isocyanate Systems Based on ACURE™ Topcoats Over Ketac and Easy Cure Primers From allnex

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Presented by Allnex: We present isocyanate-free Michael Addition-based 2K ACURE™ topcoats having premium properties and excellent performance when combined with Ketac (ketimine-acetoacetate) and Easy Cure epoxy primers, enabling new possibilities in ACE, Rail, Aerospace, M&PC and General Metal applications.

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  • Guest speaker
    IK G
    Irena Ketelaars

  • Guest speaker
    KS G
    Kathy Short Global Marketing Assistant, LRA @ Allnex USA Inc.

  • Guest speaker
    Robert Skarvan

  • Team member
    AP T
    Abbie Piero DMC @ UL

  • Guest speaker
    Bart Noordover

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