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Sulfate-free formulations with ACULYN™ U Rheology Modifier

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Presented by Dow: The search for sulfate-free beauty & personal care products, which was originally restricted to specific regions and to a limited number of categories, has now achieved a key status as a global trend. Consumers continue to seek sulfate-free shampoo, conditioners and body washes that meet their cleansing and conditioning needs. As consumer behavior continues to evolve, both consumers and brand owners are now prioritizing color cosmetics and sun care formulations that are also positioned as sulfate-free without any loss of performance.

Dow’s applications experts will walk you through its new ACULYN™ U Rheology Modifier that will help you to select the right solution to optimize your formulations and deliver exciting consumer products. ACULYN™ U Rheology Modifier is a thickening and emulsifying HASE polymer combining Dow’s technical expertise across multiple portfolios and providing personal care formulators complete control to design the next generation of the diverse beauty requirements consumers are looking for today. Offer to your customers unique sensorial benefits in skin care and hair care applications and enable ideal superior thickening performance in your sulfate-free formulations.

In addition to being ideal for sulfate-free formulations, this novel rheology modifier is easy to formulate and designed to thicken, suspend, and stabilize a wide range of skin and hair care products like body washes, facial cleansers, shampoos and emulsions for skin and sun care. With high shear-thinning rheology and thickening efficiency, ACULYN™ U Rheology Modifier is compatible with a range of personal care ingredients and effective as a polymeric emulsifier.

You will learn about how finding the right mix and combination of technologies is essential to formulate your products and discover through this webinar a series of formulation examples to integrate this new modifier into your recipe and satisfy your customers’ needs. This presentation will help cosmetic scientists make better evidence-based decisions on whether to move to sulfate-free formulations.

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