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[Webinar] How experienced Security Engineers choose their Best Tools for Application Security

About this event

"What application security tools do I need?”

This is the number one question we hear from security engineers rolling out an application security programme.

It’s a good question. There are not only a lot of tools out there, but a lot of different types of tools. And application vulnerabilities are the number one target for cyber attacks – so securing your application with the right tooling is essential.

This webinar helps you make the right choice when it comes to tooling. And helps you make that choice easily and confidently.

This webinar covers everything you need to know

  • How to determine the security tools you need
  • How to ensure you have technical coverage of your regulations
  • How to map your security tools to your tech stack
  • Case study of a financial services organisation – from how they started their AppSec programme, to scaling it across the company
  • Plus Q&A

Have questions now? Send them to hello@uleska.com with the subject ‘Webinar questions’, and we’ll work them into the presentation.

The speakers

In this webinar, Gary Robinson (Uleska Founder and Chief Security Officer, former OWASP Global Board member and DevSecOps expert) and Martin Hewitt (Uleska Chief Product Officer, formerly Fortinet) will share their experience choosing the best tools for application security programmes.

About Uleska

Uleska is a platform that helps you manage your application security at scale. By automating and orchestrating your preferred security tools within CI/CD.

Bringing security, DevOps and development teams together, Uleska minimises your manual tasks so application security takes less time, less cost, and can scale. So you can focus on the issues and metrics that matter.

Hosted by

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    MH T
    Martin Hewitt

  • Team member
    Gary Robinson Chief Security Officer @ Uleska

    Gary Robinson is Chief Security Officer at Uleska and has over 20 years of experience as a software engineer and cyber security expert. Gary has been a Senior Application Security Architect At Citi, holds a CISSP, and has been voted by the cyber security community to a board member of OWASP.


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