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Retirement & Inheritance: Introduction to bitcoin IRAs

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After you understand the importance of bitcoin as a new form of money, you may start to wonder whether you would want to hold it in a retirement savings vehicle like an individual retirement account (IRA). At the intersection of bitcoin and retirement, you’ll find a robust mechanism for building and saving your wealth for your future, and eventually, your descendants.

Our Unchained IRA lets you save bitcoin on a tax-advantaged basis while holding your own keys. Whether rolling over an existing retirement account or starting an annual bitcoin stack, doing so in a Roth IRA means all future appreciation is tax-free. There are no messy legal complexities, either—your IRA vault sits right next to your personal vault in your Unchained account, and operates much the same way.

In this webinar, we cover the basics of bitcoin IRAs as well as the Unchained IRA product and its structure, with a live Q&A with our panel.

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    Connor Dolan VP, Client Solutions

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    Jeff Vandrew Jr General Counsel @ Unchained


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Unchained is a bitcoin native financial services company offering collaborative custody multisignature vaults and loans for bitcoin holders.