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Show & Tell: Who Does Subscription Better?

About this event

Welcome to the show!

Our Show & Tell series is breaking down industry-leading ecommerce stores and what they are excelling at - but most importantly WHY. In episode 2 of our series:

Subscription ecommerce - who does it better?

Join our panel of ecommerce experts as they have 30 seconds to break down their favourite subscription ecommerce stores - you, the audience, will then vote on the winners. We’ll be uncovering the secrets to success for top performing brands across 5 core industries:

Beauty and cosmetics

Fashion and accessories

Food and beverage

Home and office

Health and wellness

Who is this webinar for?

This show is ideal for Ecommerce Managers, Teams and Directors, who want to keep up with industry trends and stay on top of their game.

Official Shopify partners in this episode:

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Charlie Semmence Content Manager @ Underwaterpistol

  • Guest speaker
    Ryan Forster Partnerships @ ReCharge

  • Guest speaker
    Sophie Seaton Commercial Director @ Underwaterpistol

  • Guest speaker
    Natalia Howard Head of Ecommerce Strategy @ Underwaterpistol

  • Guest speaker
    Jordan Bourchier-Lee Partnerships Manager @ LoyaltyLion

  • Guest speaker
    Ari Messer Co-Founder @ LittleData


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