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[Webinar] French & International Marketplaces : reduce brands’ time-to-market

About this event

As customers become increasingly demanding about the information on the products they buy, marketplaces are becoming more demanding about the data they receive from brands.

Incorrect or incomplete product data can reduce product offerings, increase time-to-market and disappoint increasingly demanding customers.

Learn how to automate your partner's product data processing to reduce your time to market with Romain Aymeric, Deputy General Manager at The Agent and Jesse Créange, CEO at Unifai.

What you'll learn:

👉 The product data cycle and the impact of poor data quality in omnichannel

👉 The levers for action thanks to an artificial intelligence specialist in retail to make data more reliable

👉 Enrich and deliver content across multiple channels

👉 Historize your catalog data

Be one of the first to discover a rare experience sharing: the challenges of consolidating data from TheAgent and the results in figures.

A 30-minute webinar to identify the full potential of data reliability through AI.

Hosted by

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    JC T
    Jesse Créange

  • Guest speaker
    Romain Aymeric DGA & Partner @ TheAgent

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    FC T
    Faustine Caradeux Marketing


Unifai est une plateforme qui normalise, catégorise et enrichit les données produits des e-commerçants et des distributeurs grâce à l'intelligence artificielle.