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University of Twente invites you to their event

Dies Natalis 2020 - Let's get weaving!

About this event

Join us online on Friday, November 27th, 2020, in celebrating the University of Twente’s 59th Dies Natalis – and get excited about your place and ours in the tapestry of our times!

Central to the programme on the 27th will be the Rectorate Transfer, as Professor Tom Veldkamp takes the place of our current Rector Magnificus, Professor Thom Palstra. In connection with that, we will explore important questions tied up with this email’s theme:

  • What do you need to find your place, to contribute and thrive in the fabric our community?
  • How can the UT turn its dream of societal impact into a richer and more meaningful reality?
  • How do we weave our work of shaping individuals, connections and society into a robust and useful pattern for the years ahead?

Be there on November 27, 2020 – and as the old textile manufacturers used to say: ‘Let’s get weaving’

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    University Of Twente .

University of Twente

The University of Twente is a public research university located in Enschede, Netherlands.