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MESA+ Colloquium - March 2021

About this event

From 2021 onwards a new MESA+ colloquium series will start. These colloquia will take place eight times a year on the first Monday of the month (except January, July, August and December) from 16.00 - 17.00 hrs. Initially this will be an online event.

The second colloquium takes place on March 1, 2021. Our guest speaker is Prof. Ronald Hanson of Delft University of Technology. The title of his talk is 'Networks powered by quantum entanglement: from a loophole-free Bell test to a quantum Internet'.

Hosted by the MESA+ Center for Quantum Nanotechnology (QUANT).


Networks powered by quantum entanglement: from a loophole-free Bell test to a quantum Internet

Entanglement – the property that particles can share a single quantum state - is arguably the most counterintuitive yet potentially most powerful element in quantum theory. The non-local features of quantum theory are highlighted by the conflict between entanglement and local causality discovered by John Bell. Decades of Bell inequality tests, culminating in a series of loophole-free tests in 2015, have confirmed the non-locality of nature.

Future quantum networks may harness these unique features of entanglement in a range of exciting applications, such as quantum computation and simulation, secure communication, enhanced metrology for astronomy and time-keeping as well as fundamental investigations. To fulfill these promises, a strong worldwide effort is ongoing to gain precise control over the full quantum dynamics of multi-particle nodes and to wire them up using quantum-photonic channels.

Here I will briefly introduce the field of quantum networks as well as diamond-based network nodes. I will then present our most recent work demonstrating the realization of the first multi-node network wired by quantum entanglement, including first primitive network protocols.

You can find more information about Prof. Ronald Hanson on our MESA+ website: https://www.utwente.nl/en/mesaplus/colloquium/biography/bio-ronald-hanson.pdf

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    University Of Twente .

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    Ronald Hanson TU Delft

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    Floris Zwanenburg University of Twente

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