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Risk & Resilience Online - Day 3

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After the crisis? Reflecting on risk management and resilience in the future

On the last day of the event, the Genootschap voor Risicomanagement will announce the winner of the Study Award 2020. Who wrote the best thesis? Next, the winner or winners of the award will give a short presentation about their thesis and the accompanying research results.

Afterwards, students of the University of Twente’s Master’s programme in Risk Management will present the highlights of and results from the various sessions that took place Wednesday during Risk & Resilience Online. Representatives from the Dutch security domain, the University of Twente and the Genootschap voor Risicomanagement and PRIMO will be in attendance. There will be room for reflection after the presentation. What do we think of the results and what can we do with them? What actions are we actually going to take? The answers to these questions will serve as the basis for a surprising end to the evening.

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The University of Twente is a public research university located in Enschede, Netherlands.