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Media, Public Perception, and Psychedelics

About this event

Our new LIVE webinar series, Unlimited Voices: real-world psychedelic conversations for everyone is a platform where you can safely ask questions and get accurate answers from experts in psychedelic-related fields. This is one of the ways we hope to cultivate a truly inclusive community. 

The webinar series is free and open to anyone who is interested in attending!

On the next Unlimited Voices, we’ll be discussing how the media has shaped public perception of psychedelics in the past and how we can accurately represent psychedelics in the media moving forward.

For expert insights, we’re honored to be joined by musician, film producer, and host of Gaia.com series Psychedelica, Ben Stewart; Producer of The Healing Powers and Media Director at Lucid News, Mareesa Stertz; and Emmy award winning journalist, Cyndi Lundeberg.

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  • Guest speaker
    Ben Stewart Filmmaker, Producer, and Musician

    Ben Stewart is a musician, filmmaker, and producer. Ben has launched three full-length documentaries, a 14 part video series, Psychedelica, and hosted his own talk show, Limitless on Gaia.com. Ben is currently finishing a film on cannabis and launching the Waking Infinity podcast.

  • Guest speaker
    Cyndi Lundeberg Emmy Award Winning Journalist

    Cyndi Lundeberg is an Emmy award winning journalist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout her journalism career Cyndi has done multiple stories on psychedelics including an in-depth piece on MDMA as a cure for PTSD, and multiple stories highlighting the need for cannabis for veterans.

  • Guest speaker
    Mareesa Stertz Producer, Event Curator & Media Director @ The Healing Powers

    Maressa Stertz is a creative who has produced The Healing Powers, is an event curator at The Aware Project and recently became the Media Director of Lucid News.

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