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The Emerging Industry of Psychedelic Medicines

About this event

Our next Unlimited Voices is a special edition live from the 11th Annual Boulder Startup Week! The webinar is free for all BSW attendees and a $5 donation is suggested for all other participants.

Join US May 12th at 11 AM MT to discuss the emerging industry of psychedelic medicines. As psychedelics become more mainstream and the medical world recognizes their potential, how will for-profit organizations bridge the gap of ancient modalities with modern science? We'll discuss the business, investment, and economic challenges of building companies while also legitimizing an emerging industry.

For expert insights, we're honored to have Jean-Paul O’Brien, Founder of Me Biosciences and Black Lab Sports as our host. Our esteemed guests include: JR Rahn, Founder and Director of MindMed; Christian Angermayer, Founder of ATAI Life Sciences; and Seth Levine, Co-Founder of Foundry Group and Founder of Pledge 1%.

Thanks to our sponsor, Maya for making this webinar possible!

Maya is a psychedelic therapy intelligence platform, designed to bring greater trust, transparency, and measurement to the patient’s journey. The platform is geared to become the world’s largest database of psychedelic health outcomes, fueling insights to help psychedelic healthcare scale safely.

Help advance psychedelic science, please donate today (and get a cool gift in return)!

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  • Guest speaker
    Jr Rahn CEO @ MindMed

    JR Rahn is the founder and Director of MindMed, a psychedelic focused startup. MindMed is assembling a compelling drug development pipeline of psychedelic inspired medicines through human clinical trials.

  • Guest speaker
    Jean-Paul (JP) O'Brien Founder @ Black Lab Sports and Me Biosciences

    JP O'Brien is the founder of Black Lab Sports, a company that invests in, launches, and scales companies whose founders live their purpose and who focus on pushing the limits of Human Potential. He is also the founder and CEO of Me Biosciences, a precision nutrition company.

  • Guest speaker
    Seth Levine Managing Director and Founder @ Foundry Group and Pledge 1%

    Seth Levine is Managing Director at Foundry Group, which invests in technology companies throughout the US and Canada. Seth is also Founder of Pledge 1%, which makes it easy for startups to support nonprofits in their community through philanthropic donations.

  • Guest speaker
    Christian Angermeyer Founder @ Atai Life Sciences

    Christian Angermeyer is the Founder of ATAI life. ATAI is a global biotech company builder that leverages a decentralized, technology- and data-driven platform model to serve millions of people suffering from mental health disorders.

Unlimited Sciences

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