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The Secrets of Hell Gate

About this event

  • Hear how the Hell Gate Channel was one of the most dangerous waterways in America for centuries
  • Learn how Hell Gate's widening necessitated the world's largest explosion before the invention of the atomic bomb
  • Understand why the Hell Gate Bridge is not just one bridge but three and is one of the strongest bridges in NYC
  • Virtually climb the Hell Gate bridge without leaving your home(or breaking the law)

The Hell Gate Channel and the bridge that crosses it are two of New York City's most impressive yet overlooked modes of transportation in the city's history. The waterway was considered a treacherous but necessary means of traveling out of the city by sea since the Dutch arrived in the 17th century. Its late 19th century reformation would require the largest explosion the world had experienced. And the bridge that would cross it in the early 20th century would be considered one of the city's most daring and impressive pieces of transportation infrastructure ever undertaken at that point in history. Join Untapped New York's Chief Experience Officer as you explore the incredible history of these vital but often forgotten gateways into New York City.

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