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Asset Operations Live: The Benefits of Measuring Teams Based on Why They Do Something Rather Than What They Do

About this event

Asset Operations Management (AOM) unites maintenance, operations, and reliability data to help teams make important business decisions, with full visibility across the entire life cycle of maintenance, asset management, and operations. 

Join us for our webinar series Asset Operations…Live!, where we’ll take a deep dive into some of AOM’s core fundamentals.

This webinar covers the themes outlined in the two AOM pillars: 

  • Continuous Improvement as an Abundant Life Cycle, Not Just a Point in Time 
  • Measure Teams Based on Why They Do Something Rather Than What They Do

What would it mean if teams weren’t measured just based on the number of work orders completed or hours that they worked, but instead how they impacted the bottom line? Every single business could be more profitable and make smarter decisions.

Join Rob Kalwarowsky (High-Performance Leadership Coach, Elite High Performance), Michael Moran (Facilities and Venue Director, JAFCO), and Ryan Chan (Founder & CEO, UpKeep) to see the importance of the why over the what!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Robert Kalwarowsky Senior Reliability Engineer @ Rob's Reliability Project

  • Guest speaker
    George Mahoney Business Optimization Lead @ Merck

  • Team member
    RC T
    Ryan Chan CEO @ UpKeep

  • Guest speaker
    MM G
    Michael Moran Facilities Director @ Jafco


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