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How to become an eLearning market leader during the global lockdown?

About this webinar

How did the eLearning market change during the global lockdown?

What challenges did platform owners face?

And what's the best way to solve them?

We collected and analyzed statistics on 150 eLearning platforms to answer these questions. We found out how the market was changing, what problems platform owners faced, and how to solve each of the problems best.


In this webinar we will talk about:

- how to understand your competitors and your position in the market using statistics; 

- how to use the data to recognize your weaknesses and strengthen them;

- how to improve your customers’ experience when traffic increases, and what to do if the traffic goes down along with the conversion rate.

We will look at each case and propose solutions that work.


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Hosted by

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    Ilya Telegin Senior Researcher, Business Developer @ Uploadcare Inc.

    Huge fan of product mindset and data science. Striving to make every digital experience better.

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    Mariia Kuzmina Junior Researcher @ Uploadcare

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    Liliia Zosimova Community Manager @Uploadcare


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