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USA-IT Illicit Trade Prevention Program

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Join USA-IT for a six-part training series tailored for business leaders, brand protection experts, and law enforcement personnel. Enrollees will leave the training series with a sharpened understanding of the methodologies and best practices applied to successful anti-illegal trade operations, as well as an advanced comprehension of the legislation and industry-led initiatives that target counterfeiters and other illegal trade profiteers. With speakers representing federal agencies, multi-national companies, non-profits, and world-class research institutions, the collaborative series offers a unique opportunity for cross-sector networking and direct interaction with course instructors.

  • Course 1: Emerging Trends of Illegal Trade (June 7)
  • Course 2: Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting (June 28)
  • Course 3: Organized Theft Groups (July 19)
  • Course 4: Money Laundering and Illegal Financial Flows (Sept. 13)
  • Course 5: Case Investigations and Prosecution (Oct. 4)
  • Course 6: Legislative Pathways Towards Security (Nov. 8)

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