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Vaadin Insights: Modernizing Web Applications

About this event

Learn how to unlock the value of legacy applications

Keeping a web application up-to-date is a big challenge for any organization: technologies age, new platforms emerge, customer requirements change and the standards for a great UX evolve. Modernization efforts are often catalyzed by a combination of these factors.

At Vaadin, modernizing legacy applications is not new to us, in fact, it's something we have been successfully helping our customers with for years .

Join us as we unlock our thoughts about modernization projects and help decision makers on the path to crystallizing an optimal outcome for your business app.

Topics covered:

  • What you should consider when undertaking a modernization project
  • Debunking migration myths
  • The short and long term benefits of migrating legacy applications
  • Best practices and real world modernization success stories
  • The many options when modernizing apps


Ben Wilson, Migration Practice Lead

Ben Wilson is an application modernization automation specialist, and leads Vaadin's Migration Practice. Ben has been responsible for many projects to re-host or re-platform mission critical applications for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Throughout his career Ben has advised over a hundred organizations in planning their modernization projects.

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