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Webinar: How to Choose The Best Approach for Java App Modernization (On Demand)

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It’s Not (Just) About the Framework: How to Choose The Best Approach for Java App Modernization 

Java has been used to power a wide range of business applications used by employees, partners, and customers.  However, as organizations accelerate digital transformation, many of these Java-based applications must now be modernized to support web and cloud technologies as well as remote work requirements. 

In this webinar we will help technical leaders and application owners choose the right modernization approach for each Java application, including:

  • 4 motivations to modernize
  • The critical role of DX and UX
  • Assessing the characteristics of your application and development team
  • How your architecture options impact your application scalability
  • Mapping each application to the right approach, and the right framework

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    Ben Wilson


Vaadin is an open-source platform for modern web apps. It has a large library of components and an intuitive Java API. Works with Spring, CDI, and all of Java.