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First 90 days as a data leader: Establishing data teams as value centres

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Stepping into the role as a data leader comes with both opportunities and challenges. For this session, we're joined by John Steinmetz, VP of Analytics at Gallo Mechanical, to share their insights on how to navigate the first 90 days in a data leadership role. We'll cover the importance of aligning data initiatives with business objectives, how to foster collaboration across teams, and how to leverage data as a strategic asset to drive success. Save you spot today!

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  • Guest speaker
    John Steinmetz VP of Analytics @ Gallo Mechanical

    John’s career has spanned over 20 years in the technology field as an engineer, product and technical executive across numerous industries. For the last 10 years, focusing primarily in Data and Analytics. His experience also spans everything from startups to Fortune 500 companies, most recently helping Shiftkey go from startup to 2X unicorn status valued at over 2B. John now works at Gallo Mechanical helping to build out their analytics platform and drive institutional change in the construction services industry.

  • Team member
    Patrik Liu Tran CEO & Founder @ Validio

    Patrik Liu Tran is the CEO & Co-Founder of Validio. He has served as the advisor to the top management teams of 30+ large enterprises in the Nordics on the topics of AI and data. He pursued his PhD at the age of 19 after finishing his M.Sc. in Machine Learning and M.Sc. in Business Administration.


The Validio platform unifies deep data observability, quality, lineage, and cataloging, providing a holistic view of your data ecosystem. This empowers data teams and business stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly, prioritizing, validating, and improving your most critical data assets.