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Supply System: Installation technology, Product comparison and specifications.

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The proper design and installation of sanitary distribution systems are essential to ensure efficiency and safety: the healthiness of water intended for human consumption cannot be ignored. The standard applies both to new plants and to the refurbishing existing plants and specifies the technical criteria and operating methods for their correct sizing and commissioning. Among the various materials available today for the construction of sanitary systems, multilayer pipes are of fundamental importance for quick installation and performance.

The meeting aims to spread awareness of the innovations introduced by the UNI EN 806 group and more generally of the use of multilayer pipes for plumbing systems. Both the regulatory and the design and installation parts will be dealt with.

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    Paolo Donati Technical Office Engineer @ Valsir SpA

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    Paolo Leonesio Tech. Dept. @ Valsir SpA

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    Stefano Tomasella Export Manager @ Valsir

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    Alex Tanti


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