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Satellite data for water management and climate (live session with VanderSat)

About this event

Are you working in water management or climate adaptation and do you want to learn more on how satellite data can be used to improve your daily practice? This webinar is for you. During a live session our water and climate experts will provide you with some useful insights and practical knowledge about VanderSats unique satellite data. We will also provide you three interesting use cases: (geo)hydrological modelling, drought monitoring and climate accounting. Of course we will also give you a live demonstration of our products and viewer and there will be plenty of room for questions.

The session will take 45 minutes and will be led by our water and climate experts dr. Jaap Schellekens, Msc Simone van Schijndel and MSc Mendy van der Vliet. The following topics will be covered:

  • Satellite data versus in situ measurements: what is ground truth?
  • Demonstration of our two core products: cloud free 100 x 100 m soil moisture and 10 x 10 m biomass proxy
  • Use case 1: How can satellite data improve my hydraulic and (geo)hydrological models?
  • Use case 2: Monitoring drought that matters: agricultural drought
  • Use case 3: Climate accounting: integrating satellite-based information in your daily decisions

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Simone van Schijndel Strategist Water & Climate @ VanderSat

    Translating satellite data into actionable information for decision making in water management and climate adaptation and mitigation.

  • Team member
    Mendy van der Vliet Remote Sensing Scientist @ VanderSat

    With a background in Climate Physics, Mendy is responsible of co-developing satellite-based solutions that support climate resilience and the protection of natural resources.

  • Team member
    Robbert Mica Head of Marketing / Co-Founder @ VanderSat

  • Team member
    Jaap Schellekens Director of water management @ VanderSat


Unmatched water data. Satellite observed

VanderSat is a leading provider of global satellite-observed data, products and services over land with a special emphasis on water and crops. We offer a unique (and patented) technology that makes accurate observations possible without any cloud or darkness interference.