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Top Trends in 2022: What to Expect in Tech Mergers and Acquisitions

About this event

Few could have predicted what would unfold after the initial economic impact of the Covid19 pandemic, but the technology sector has proven its resilience where other industries have suffered. In fact, the year 2020 witnessed the greatest decline followed by the greatest recovery of M&A deals in the Tech sector and 2021 did not lose any of this momentum.

This year is looking to be just as active but with a heightened awareness of the risks related to widening regulations, compliance issues and cyber security, with each posing significant dealmaking challenges for tech acquirers.

Join Vaultinum for a 45-minute session where we reflect on what these key M&A Tech Trends mean for investors as they look to the year ahead and discuss the importance of topics such as:

  • The automation of tech due diligence
  • Early detection of due diligence landmines (OSS license compliance, cybersecurity..)
  • Why continuous compliance is the key to reducing your overall risk

Vaultinum is a European trusted third party, established in 1976 and specialising in the protection and audit of digital assets.

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  • Guest speaker
    Kristin Avon Vaultinum


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Vaultinum is a trusted independent third party specialized in the protection and audit of digital assets