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Switches and Transmitters for Level and Pressure: VEGA Australia Pty Ltd

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Switches and Transmitters for Level and Pressure: VEGA Australia

Tue 16th, Wed 17th and Thur 18th September 2020 @10am LIVE & FREE

💻 Get an overview of the latest range of Level Switches, Pressure Transmitters and Pressure Switches in just 30 minutes with product demonstrations and a live interactive Q&A! Find out how you can achieve more visibility in your production process!

Have a question? Feel free to ask us live during the hosted session or afterwards with our Q&A live session.

For more information visit us online or chat to our VEGA product experts live with VEGA LiveChat 💬 available at www.vega.com/au.

1800 817 135 I www.vega.com/au I info.au@vega.com

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    John Leadbetter Senior Managing Director @ VEGA Australia Pty Ltd

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    Alex Mazor Marketing Manager at VEGA Australia @ VEGA Australia Pty Ltd

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    Greg Randall Sales Support @ Vega Australia Pty Ltd

VEGA Australia Pty Ltd

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VEGA is a globally active manufacturer of process measurement technology. VEGA’s product portfolio extends from sensors for measuring level, limit level and pressure.