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Xpertise By Vetoquinol invites you to their event

3rd International Congress - The Ideal Osteoarthritis Consultation around the table

About this event

DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM HERE : VTQ_2022_Programme_.OsteoarthritisConsultation.pdf

Dear veterinarian,

The 3rd Xpertise Osteoarthritis Congress developed by Vetoquinol for 2022 is coming soon!

As you may already know, we started the Xpertise Program in 2019 to support the veterinary community providing solutions for osteoarthritis management and working on new topics with our Xpertise Board every year.

During the past two years we have been forced to communicate in a different way, more virtually than presentially, although the quality of the exchanges is absolutely not the same.

In the daily work of veterinarians, we need to communicate with clients, but we are not usually trained to do that in the university, we have to talk to different people every 15-20 minutes, with different problems, needs and circumstances, not an easy task… Communication is the clue and can make the difference to establish trust between clients and veterinarians, so we thought that improving communication skills in the osteoarthritis consultation will enable you to engage the owners in the follow-up of the disease. The way we communicate with clients is an extremely important topic to be discussed so we have prepared a dedicated event to go deeper into it.

The 3rd Xpertise Congress that will be held in June 9th will focus on the communication with clients regarding Osteoarthritis. Communication is a skill that can be trained and there are tools and strategies available that will be shared by our two guest experts (Prof. Ryane E. Englar & Miguel Angel Diaz Sanchez) based on the Calgary-Cambridge method. This structured method of consultation applied to Veterinary medicine and specifically to the OA consultation will be the main topic of their lecture followed by four round-tables involving our Xpertise Board members for the third year, hopefully physically around the same table.


Only registered attendees will be able to watch the recorded session, so please register by writing your email on top

Looking forward to seeing you in June!

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