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New insights into intestinal worms and why regular deworming matters - November 23rd

About this webinar

Dear Veterinarian,

We are glad to invite you to the Live session Webinar with Prof. Dr. Christina Strube and Dr. Ian Wright on Monday November 23rd titled:

“ New insights into intestinal worms and why regular deworming matters”

14:30 pm (New York time) /20:30 pm (Paris time)

(45 minutes lecture followed by 15 minutes for questions & answers)

Gastrointestinal helminths, especially the roundworm Toxocara, the hookworm Ancylostoma, and the fox and sheep tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis and E. granulosus bare a high risk for people, especially children. Thus these GI heminths are regarded as zoonotic and therefore one of the most important One Health issues if it comes to parasite infections in pet animals in Europe.

Prof. Strube from Hannover Vet. School, Germany is a leading expert in toxocarosis. Her research unraveled new insights to the neurological aspects of Toxocara infection. Based on her latest findings she will share her views about the implications Toxocara holds for One Health.

Dr. Wright is heading the guideline committee for ESCCAP Europe. The ESCCAP guidelines recommend regular deworming. This is based on research on the prevalence of GI worms conducted across Europe. The ESCCAP work and his daily experience in the veterinary clinic, allows him a critical view on our role as veterinarians and how impactful or recommendations on deworming are for public health.

Join us for the short one hour comprehensive webinar and gain latest insights from science in conjunction with how important pet owner advise on deworming to make a difference on public health.


· Only registered attendees will be able to watch the recorded session, so please register by clicking on the button /link below

Looking forward to seeing you!

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    Ian Wright Doctor

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