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Dermatology Consultants CellFX Virtual Event

About this event

Are you ready to say goodbye to spots, bumps and growths?

Introducing the New CellFX® Procedure

We are excited to invite you to our VIRTUAL EVENT to tell you more about the CellFX procedure – a quick and new procedure to clear common skin bumps and spots, in a whole different way that’s designed to help minimize the risk of scarring and improve cosmetic results.

Join us, from the comfort of your own home, as we introduce this exciting new treatment that will help YOU say goodbye to spots, bumps and growths!

Attendees Will Enjoy:

  • A Live Q&A to answer all your questions
  • Treatment Demonstrations
  • Special Event Only Pricing

Why are we so excited about CellFX?

We often hear from patients like you about how to treat common skin conditions like raised, shiny bumps, skin growths, and raised or flat dark spots.

While traditional treatment options do exist, there have not been significant advances or improvements for clearing these difficult-to-treat skin problems in over 20 years.

Until now.

This unique technology of ultrafast energy pulses only affects cells, so it clears the damaged cells of a lesion while sparing the surrounding non-cellular collagen foundation of your skin.

There is nothing else like it and we can't wait to tell you more!

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